Target Shotgun : What’s it all about?

Target Shotgun (TSG) is a range of shooting disciplines utilising smoothbore, shotgun, firearms.

All TSG  disciplines, as they utilise paper targets, requiring a single scoring hit per shot fired, require the use of slug ammunition and hence, in Ireland, a restricted firearm certificate.

TSG  is further subdivided into Manual (TSGM) and Semi (TSGS) – as the name suggests; with Manual being for Manually Cycled shotguns and Semi being for Semi Auto shotguns.

NASRPC, as the Irish member of the International Target Shotgun Federation (ITSF), since 2017 – maintains National Classifications, Rankings and Rules.

The ITSF and it’s members, including NASRPC, have adopted the rules for TSG, as documented by the National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom (NRA), in 2017.

These are documented as part of the NRA Target Shotgun Handbook, and are duplicated each year in the NRA Gallery Rifle & Pistol handbook.
These are the rulebooks used by NASRPC for competition.

Is it 12 gauge Only?

No – as the rules state “Any calibre between .410” and 10 bore that complies with range orders and event conditions”

There are, currently, no classifications other than by action type – so you can line out with whatever shotgun you wish, provided it has a restricted license for Slugs.

What about Classic?

Classic TSG is for standard break barrel actions – i.e. no integral magazine.

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