The Annual German Open @ Leitmar, incorporating the German leg of the IGRF International Series, is almost upon us – November 11-13th.

Many people will already have arranged accommodation and travel, but there is still plenty of time to arrange to attend the match. If you have any queries on how to take part, drop a line to

There will be competition in the following events (German name for discipline in brackets)

  • GRSB 1500
  • GRSB T&P1 (PP1)
  • GRSB Multi (NPA)
  • GRCF 1500
  • GRCF T&P1 (PP1)
  • GRCF Multi (NPA)
  • GRCF T&P2 (PP2)
  • GRM1 1500
  • GRM1 T&P1 (PP1)
  • GRM1 Multi (NPA)
  • GRM1 T&P2 (PP2)

We will let you know of the registration process once it has officially opened.


The Event is run by the BDMP who will require the NASRPC, as the Irish NGB, to provide them with up to date official classifications for anyone attending from Ireland.

If you are competing in the event, please let us know, by dropping an email to, listing the disciplines you intend to compete in.

We can then officially confirm your classifications to the BDMP.


NASRPC will be fielding the Irish teams in both GRSB1500 and GRCF1500 in the IGRF match.

Team selection for this event will be Sunday 30th October, 2 weeks prior to the IGRF events.

This means that the National Championship finals, scheduled for Saturday October 29th, will be the final heat for Team Selection.

Pat Grimes, Gallery Rifle National Discipline Co-ordinator, will be confirming availability of those selected by the leaderboards  and announcing the teams,  in the days following the National Championship finals.

NASRPC are currently finalising team supports, such as Team Strip and Financial Subsidies.  There will be more on this, closer to the event.


NASRPC has has not yet been informed of anyone travelling to the South African Open on September 21st.

However, should you be intending to take part in this event, please let us know so we can communicate your official classifications to the SAHGCA.


NASRPC Competitions