Gallery Rifle

Gallery Rifle shooting consists of a range of disciplines in which rifles are shot from the shoulder at various distances from 10m to 50m.  Some competitions involve shooting from different positions including sitting, kneeling and standing and some of the more advanced disciplines also include shooting from both the strong and weak shoulders.  Certain competitions require precision style shooting while others require the competitor to shoot and reload quickly within specified times.

Gallery Rifle is subdivided into:

Smallbore Gallery Rifle (GRSB) is for semi-automatic rifles chambered in .22LR ammunition.  The most common make of smallbore rifle used in Gallery Rifle competition in Ireland is the Ruger 10/22. Other models may be used that are capable of holding 6 rounds.

Centrefire Gallery Rifle (GRCF) is for lever action rifles chambered in pistol calibres.  Any calibre between .354 and .455 is permitted.  The most common calibres used are .38 & .44, and the most common rifles used are the Marlin 1894 and Rossi R92.

Classic Centrefire Gallery Rifle (CGRCF) is similar to the above, with the difference being the rifle must be “in the spirit of the original” using iron sights only.  The most common rifles used are the Rossi R92, Marlin 1894, and Uberti 1866 & 1873.

Open Centrefire Gallery Rifle (OGRCF) is for pistol calibre rifles that do not qualify for GRCF or CGRCF.  Any calibre between .354 and .455 is permitted.  The most common firearms in competition are semi automatic carbines chambered in 9mm.

M1 Carbine Gallery Rifle (GRM1) is for semi automatic M1 Carbine rifles chambered in .30 ammunition.



The competitions run by the NASRPC in both Smallbore and Centrefire Gallery Rifle include:

25m Precision
50m Precision
Timed & Precision (T&P1)
Timed & Precision (T&P2)
Multi Target

target shooting
target shooting