Target Pistol

Pistol shooting consists of a range of disciplines in which smallbore and centrefire pistols can be used.

Smallbore Pistols (or rimfire pistols) consist of semi-automatic pistols or revolvers chambered in .22LR ammunition.  Under Irish firearms legislation such pistols must have a maximum magazine capacity of 5 rounds.  Popular examples of such pistols include Hammerli X-Esse, Ruger MK I-IV, and the Smith & Wesson Model 41.

Centrefire Pistols consist of semi-automatic pistols or revolvers chambered in higher calibres such as 9mm, .40 or .357.  In Ireland no new licence applications can be made for centrefire pistols since 2009 therefore there can be no new entrants into the sport of Centrefire Pistol shooting.  Any new entrants to Pistol shooting may only use Smallbore Pistols.

The Pistol Shooting competitions run by the NASRPC include:

25m Precision
50m Precision
Timed & Precision (T&P1)
Multi Target


WA1500 Pistol
WA1500 Pistol is an international centrefire pistol discipline which includes a defined set of classifications and disciplines of its own.

The WA1500 Association of Ireland Ltd. is the sole governing and sanctioning body for WA1500 PPC shooting in Ireland, it works closely with the NASRPC in promoting and organising PPC matches throughout the country. Although both organisations are independent, they have a formal agreement in place to promote the sport.

WA1500 Pistol Shooting is administered on an International Basis by the World Association PPC 1500 who also maintain international competitor rankings.

WA1500 includes a selection of pre-defined match formats and classifications. The classifications outline the types of firearms that are allowed in a specific match. There are three main disciplines, 48 shot, 60 shot and 150 shot.

Each discipline requires the competitor to shoot from a number of distances and from a number of positions including standing, kneeling and sitting. A number of disciplines also require the use of “the post” which is a timber post where the competitor is required to shoot from either side of the post while keeping their feet behind the post.


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