The National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs will hold the 2018 NASRPC Irish Open In Midlands National Shooting Centre of Ireland, Co. Offaly on Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July 2018

About the Match

The NASRPC Irish Open is an annual event – now in its 13th year – where competitors from all over Ireland and abroad come to compete in what is, for many, the highlight of their sporting calendar.

It is a multi day event, attracting hundreds of competitors and offering a huge array of competitive disciplines. It also includes the Irish leg of the IGRF (International Gallery Rifle Federation) International Series.

The IGRF Team Events will both take place on Saturday 7th July.

Happy Birthday to us!!

2018 sees the 40th birthday of the NASRPC.

We (You!! – You are the NASRPC) have seen many changes in our sport of Target Shooting over that period – we’ve seen clubs come and go – some moving as the cities encroach on the countryside – some blending with others as their memberships have grown and waned – we’ve seen the return of target pistol shooting in both smallbore and centrefire, the growth of gallery rifle shooting with the development of the EGRF and now the IGRF, the growth of target shotgun shooting now with the development of the ITSF – the changing popularity of sporting rifle, benchrest rifle and the precision events – and that is just in our own disciplines – of course all the other shooting sports have also seen a lot of changes over that period.

We’ve seen some great successes across the sport in that time – not just within the NASRPC – but we do think that our own hosting of the IGRF World Cup last year with Ireland raising both World Cups and Jeff Kehoe and Ray Holohan both being crowned World Champions is about as good as it gets (Lump in the throat?)

If you have any NASRPC, (or NASRC, as we were known back then), photos or items of interest or anecdotes from the early days (I know, kids think 2000 was the “olden days”) we would love to hear from you.

On the evening of Saturday July 7th we will be celebrating in the Bridge House Hotel in Tullamore with some dinner, a few refreshments and having the craic.

Tickets for the Dinner are €30 and can be purchased as part of your online registration. Please specify if any Dietary Requirements.


For those wishing to stay in the area while competing over multiple days, or attending the Dinner on the 7th – Tullamore is the closest town – there are many hotels and other accommodation option in Tullamore and in the surrounding area.

Camping is also available on site, at MNSCI, for those that wish to avail of it.


MNSCI has not been made specifically Wheelchair Accessible.

For more information – contact the range.


  • Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision
  • Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
  • Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
  • Smallbore Pistol – GP40
  • Open Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision
  • Open Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
  • Open Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
  • Open Smallbore Pistol – GP40
  • Centrefire Pistol – 25m Precision
  • Centrefire Pistol – T&P1​​
  • Centrefire Pistol – Multi Target
  • Open Centrefire Pistol – 25m Precision
  • Open Centrefire Pistol – T&P1​​
  • Open Centrefire Pistol – Multi Target
  • Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  • Sporting Rifle – 100m Prone
  • Field Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  • Field Sporting Rifle – 100m Prone
  • Target Rifle – 50m Prone
  • Target Rifle – 100m Prone
  • 50m Benchrest Rifle – Factory Sporter
  • 50m Benchrest Rifle – International Sporter
  • 50m Benchrest Rifle – Light Varmint
  • 50m Benchrest Rifle – Heavy Varmint
  • 50m Benchrest Rifle – Semi Auto
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 25m Precision​
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 50m Precision
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 1500
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 1020
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – T&P1
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – T&P2
  • Smallbore Gallery Rifle – Multi Target
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – 25m Precision
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – 50m Precision
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – 1500
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – 1020
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – T&P1
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – T&P2
  • Centrefire Gallery Rifle – Multi Target
  • M1 Gallery Rifle- T&P1
  • M1 Gallery Rifle- Multi Target
  • Target Shotgun – Manual – T&P1
  • Target Shotgun – Manual – Multi Target
  • Target Shotgun – Manual – Embassy Cup
  • Target Shotgun – Semi – T&P1
  • Target Shotgun – Semi – Multi Target
  • Target Shotgun – Semi – Embassy Cup
  • Target Shotgun – Any – 100m/200m
  • Target Shotgun – Any – Champion (T&P1 + Embassy Cup – shot and scored as one match)

Individual Aggregates:

  • GRSB Long Aggregate (1500 + 1020 + 50P)
  • GRSB Short Aggregate (TP1 + MT + 25P)
  • GRSB Champ Aggregate (1500 + TP1 + MT + 50P)
  • GRCF Long Aggregate (1500 + 1020 + 50P)
  • GRCF Short Aggregate (TP1 + MT + 25P)
  • GRCF Champ Aggregate (1500 + TP1 + MT + 50P)
  • GRM1 Short Aggregate (TP1 + MT)
  • SBP Aggregate (TP1 + MT + GP40 + 25P)
  • OSBP Aggregate (TP1 + MT + GP40 + 25P)
  • CFP Aggregate (TP1 + MT + 25P) (CFP or OCFP)
  • SPR Aggregate (SPR50 + SPR100)
  • FSPR Aggregate (FSPR50 + FSPR100)
  • TR Aggregate (TR50 + TR100)
  • TSG Aggregate (TP1 + MT + EMB + 100/200) (TSGM or TSGS)

Aggregate scores are calculated from your individual scores.

There is no fee for Individual Aggregate Entry – it is automatically calculated.

Team Events:

There will be team awards for the following

Teams can be any four (4) individuals – with the best score from the team in each discipline counting – team score will be the aggregate of the best discipline scores

Scores from peoples individual entries will be used.

Each person can only be on one team for each category.

  • SBP Team (25P, TP1 & MT) (scores from SBP or OSBP to count)
  • CFP Team (25P, TP1 & MT) (scores from CFP or OCFP to count)
  • Prone Team (50m & 100m) (scores from SPR, FSRP or TR to count)
  • Benchrest Team (scores from BR50FA or BR50SA to count)
  • GRSB Team (25P, 50P, 1020, 1500)
  • GRCF Team (25P, 50P, 1020, 1500)
  • TSG Team (TP1, MT, EMB, 100/200) (Manual or Semi to count)

Please send a mail to to register your team, With the name of your Team (Keep it clean!!!), the names of the four (4) individuals who will be part of your team and which Team Events they are competing in.

There is a fee of €10 per team entry.

Club Team:

Club Teams are, as the name suggests, on a per club basis – with scores from the best 6 counting.

Scores will be aggregated from all the following events to give the clubs team score.

  • 50m Prone (SPR or SPR or TR)
  • 50m Benchrest (BR50FS or BR50SA)
  • GRSB 25P
  • GRSB 1500
  • GRCF 50P
  • GRCF 1020
  • SBP TP1 (SBP or OSBP)
  • CFP Multi (CFP or OCFP)

Club Team placings, from NASRPC clubs, will count towards the 2018 NASRPC Club League

There is no fee for Club Team Entry – it is automatically calculated.

Service Rifle:

MNSCI will be holding a fun side match in Centrefire Rifle on the 300m range throughout the weekend.
There will be a seperate class for Service Rifle (issued) and for Sporting Rifle (BYO)

You can enter as many times as you wish – entry fees and more details are available from MNSCI.


David Corr of CorrTactical who sponsors the Irish IGRF Teams – is again providing the match shirts for this years Irish Open.

He has two options available

  • A Blue 5.11 Polo with Match logo and Name and a 5.11 Water Bottle €30
  • A Blue 5.11 Polo with Match logo and Name and Charcoal Gray 5.11 Stryke Pants €100

There are more details in the online registration

Of course he will be onsite with the full 5.11 catalogue available also – if you wish to order anything else for collection please contact David.

Development Fundraising Raffle:

Again this year we are holding a Raffle to raise funds for Development within the NASRPC Club Network.

We have organised a very impressive prize table with some very high value items including a number of firearms.

Tickets for the Raffle (which are limited to 150 tickets) are €50 and can be purchased through your club – if they do not have tickets, contact NASRPC and we will organise some for them.

Please specify on the ticket stub, your order of preference for the prizes.

The draw will take place on Saturday 7th during the Dinner in Tullamore.

Should a winner not be present, the prize will be held for them.

For more information visit

Entry Fee:

€10 Per Discipline

€100 Discounted Entry for Entire NASRPC match

​​Note: 50% reduction for Pensioners, Full time students and the unemployed, only one discount applies

€10 team entry (See above for more details)

There is also a €5 Development Levy on all NASRPC competitions – which is added to each entry

Proceeds from this Levy are earmarked for Development within the club network of the NASRPC.

Entry Fees payable on the day.

Schedule & ​Pre-registration

Match Schedule

Pre-registration is now Open.

Note: Pre-registration is mandatory

Please Note

All NASRPC Competitions are Open Competitions.

Details are as per the match schedule

Medals and awards will be presented on Sunday July 8th @ 14:30

All Events will count towards the 2018 NASRPC National Championships.

See the NASRPC Website or contact or more details.


GPS coordinates are: 53.23677, -7.66818
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More Info:

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact

Midlands National Shooting Centre of Ireland

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