2019 Irish Open – Bracken, Co Tyrone


This years Irish OpenJuly 5th-7th in Bracken, Co Tyrone is getting mighty big in the window with less than two months to go.
We will be opening online registration very soon where you can pick your preferred details over the weekend, pre-order dinner tickets, pre-order match merchandise, select when you wish to volunteer, etc

RO Preshoot is on Thursday, 4th of July – if you intend to volunteer during the main event – and take part in the pre-shoot – then please drop us a line to let us know as we need to start laying out the volunteer schedule.

But – you will need to have your PSNI Visitor Permits if you wish to bring your own firearms with you to the event, as this years event is in Northern Ireland.
This is VERY Important as you may run out of time to get them, if you do not get moving, for the process see below.

Please Note: UK license holders do not require a visitor permit in Northern Ireland as the PSNI recognise their licenses, if they travel direct to Northern Ireland. If they wish to travel through Dublin or the Republic they will need paperwork, so let us know.

All NASRPC Clubs know about the event and everyone knows it is always the first weekend of July – but people who have not been before may not be aware.  You’d be amazed the number of people who say, each year, they would have loved to have gone, if they had known about it.
So …. Please speak to your club mates directly – don’t assume that they get these emails  – don’t assume they will hear about it on Facebook – don’t assume people know about the event. Don’t have your club mates miss out on what is always a highlight of the year and mighty craic to boot.
You may be driving up – find a couple of people to share the cost of the journey – or split the cost of accommodation.   See who is going – see who is interested – see who needs permits – and get them moving.
All they need to do is email competitions@nasrpc.ie – and we’ll explain what they need.

How to obtain a Northern Ireland Visitors Pass (NIVP)?

Create a document – with the following,

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Phone number (incl. intl code)
  5. Table of firearms you want on Visitor permit
    Make, Caliber, “Type“, Serial #
  6. A Scan/Photo of front and back of all your Garda Firearms Permits listed in (5)
  7. A Scan/Photo of all pages of your European Visitor Permit (Making sure it includes all firearms in (5)

Scan/Photo need to be clear and legible – not blurred, no camera flash, etc.
Type” would be something like :  (Pistol, Revolver, Rifle (Bolt), Rifle (Lever), Rifle (Semi), Shotgun (Semi), Shotgun (Pump) – If you are not sure – just put what is on your Garda Permit.
Caliber should state 12g (SLUG) – where you have a restricted shotgun license from the Gardai – more important should you wish to purchase ammunition with your permit.
Mail the document to competitions@nasrpc.ie – and we will take it from there.  Once you get your permit – simply let us know and we will destroy all data pertaining to the application.
The Fee for the Permit is £18/€21 – we will collect it from you at Registration at the Irish Open itself – or at NASRPC events between now and then.