The 2020 AGM of the NASRPC took place on Saturday, 23rd of January on Zoom. A first for the organisation!!
A copy of the minutes of the AGM have been sent to member clubs.
On behalf of the Governing Body the 2021 Executive Committee would like to thank Mr. Gerry McCarthy and his team of the 2020 Executive Committee for their work in 2020. A special thank you has to go to Mr. Karl O’Brien who helped with the Competitions role throughout 2020.
The 2021 elected Executive Committee of the NASRPC are:
Chairman – Mr. Patrick O’Mahony (An Riocht)
Vice Chairman- Mr. Kerry O’Brien (Hilltop)
Hon. Secretary- Mr. Nigel Barrett (Hilltop)
Ass. Secretary – Mr. Mick McGrath (An Riocht)
Hon. Treasurer – Mr. Patrick Fox (CSG)
Competitions- Mr. Karl O’Brien (CIPC)
PRO – Mr. Eugene O’Rourke (Hilltop)
We look forward to working with the membership of the NASRPC and their members in 2021.