Match Admin & CRO Upskilling – January 12th


NASRPC will be holding a “Match Admin & CRO Upskilling” Seminar in Hilltop on January 12th 2019

This will run from 10:00 until ~14:00, We will start at 10:00 and have a busy programme so try to be on time as we wont be able to go back.

The purpose is for some of those that currently do Match Admin & CRO at NASRPC events to show people, from as many clubs as possible, how they do it – so those people will develop the skills to do it at their own National.

We need to know how many are coming – so please send an email to to let us know if you or any other members of your club will be attending.

If you have any questions in advance – please send them on to also – so we can have answers prepared and make the best use of everyone’s time.

Each club that has scheduled a National in 2019 would be expected to attend – so they know how to run their National.

Those attending should be willing to take on those functions and, ideally, commit to training up some more members of their own club to help.

Where possible, NASRPC can help with materials for that training.

In 2019 some of the functions of running a Nationally Graded event – largely the “on-range” functions – will be taken on by the host club.

This includes

  • Managing the Match and 
  • Managing the Ranges

So this will clarify where competitions@ starts and ends and where the host range starts and ends – in terms of a Nationally Graded match

This is an opportunity for people from clubs who are hosting Nationals to learn how – and hopefully, in turn, train up more people in their own club – to run their National.

This is also an ideal opportunity to ask questions – none of which are dumb – on how to perform those functions, how to deal with specific problems, etc,.

This process should ensure


  • A more consistent experience for competitors,
  • More opportunities for people to shoot (as they should only end up “working” at their home event and the Irish Open)
  • Higher Standards (As more people in more clubs develop the skills and confidence to “work” their National – this will raise the standard in safety and marksmanship throughout the NASRPC)
  • A fairer and more sustainable system – with people “working” only one or two events a year and shooting the remainder – rather than the current system where “the usual suspects” traipse up and down the island all year, bringing their ammo home with them!!
  • Feedback – new blood, new ideas – a fresh perspective – have new entrants to the sport develop a sense of ownership of their sport.

We will start with a Match Admin outline in the classroom – what is involved in the setup for a match – what competitions@ does, what the host club does and how they do it. e.g.

  • Match Schedule
  • Pre-reg
  • Match Notice
  • Range Schedule (Range sheets)
  • Competitor Schedule (Cover Sheets)
  • Competitor Scoresheets  (Pre-printed)
  • RO Schedule
  • Registration (Entry fees)
  • Scoring (Targets – for scoring entry, not result!!)
  • Scoring Entry (and managing scoresheets)
  • Results (Publishing)
  • Leaderboards
  • Scoring challenges
  • Awards

We will then outline the process of, a CRO, getting their Range and RO team ready for their scheduled  competitions – in advance of those competitions.

  • Consistency / Consistency / Consistency
  • Range Rules
  • RO Team (Allocate lanes)
  • Range Setup (Lanes & Distance markings / Target Boards / Hazards)
  • Match Schedule
  • Range Sheets (Competitors)
  • Crib Sheets (Disciplines)
  • Targets (And bins!!)
  • Staple guns (and Staples!!)
  • Timer / Horn  (and Batteries!!)
  • Emergency Procedure
  • “Possible” Scores
  • Procedural Penalties
  • Safety Penalties
  • Arbitration

These will be a presentation and Q&A session.

Then we will move to the range where we will go through

  • Clearing Firearms (as many firearms, that you may encounter at an NASRPC match, as possible) 
  • Safety areas
  • Clearing a range (before a detail)
  • Calling a detail
  • Running the clock / timer
  • Clearing a Line and range (after a detail)
  • Dropped firearm drill
  • Clearing LogJams

putting everyone through their paces.

Followed by a quick Q&A Session back in the clubhouse for a finish at 14:00

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