NASRPC would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year


Here at NASRPC Headquarters, we’ll take a short break, before starting back with gusto in 2022, when we look forward to welcoming new clubs and sports to the NASRPC, developing closer ties with other target shooting bodies and offering loads of competitive opportunities throughout the island.


Be sure, over the Christmas,
to take a few minutes to have your say

Survey will run until New Years Eve

The 2021 Annual General meeting of the NASRPC will be held on January 15th

It does not look likely that it can be held “in-person” at this stage – in which case we will do it on Zoom – but we will keep you informed as we get closer

The 2022 NASRPC Calendar has quite a bit in it already

As always;

We will notify you of events, at least two weeks in advance, via the mailing list where you can subscribe to be kept abreast

We will notify you of events, at least two weeks in advance, via the NASRPC Facebook – where you can subscribe to be kept abreast

You can subscribe to the NASRPC Events Calendar (also on NASRPC Website) to review or to be kept up to date on changes

We are also looking at some training dates to add to the calendar.

Members should feel welcome to advertise their Club Shoots, or indeed Training Days, via the NASRPC calendar and channels – and not just those including NASRPC disciplines –  just send, at least two weeks in advance, a link to the page describing the shoot – and some text to include in the notice – to and we’ll push out your notice.

but … so far we have:

Various      : Club Christmas Shoots

15th         : 2021 NASRPC Annual General Meeting

TBC          : CIPC National

5th/6th      : MNSCI National
TBC          : GovBody Meeting
26th/27th    : FRC National (Pistol only)

23th/24th    : Bracken National

7th/8th      : MTSC National
26th-29th    : Phoenix 2022 & ITSF World Championship 2022
29th         : IGRF World Championship 2022

11th/12th    : An Riocht National
TBC          : GovBody Meeting
30th         : 2022 NASRPC Irish Open @ Bracken (Volunteer preshoot)

1st-3rd      : 2022 NASRPC Irish Open @ Bracken
23rd-24th    : BRC National

13th-14th    : ECSC National

TBC          : GovBody Meeting
TBC          : Lough Bo National

TBC          : Donegal National

11th-13th    : German Open @ Leitmar

In the New Year we will publish a more detailed calendar, including what disciplines will be made available by those clubs, in their National.

Once again, we hope everyone has a great time over the holiday season and we look forward to seeing you all, wherever you are, back out on the range in 2022.