Dear All, 

After a horrible year of no international competitions which were put on hold due to SARS COVID 19 . We are hoping to attend a minimum off three international competitions this year: The Phoenix to be held in Bisley at the end of May, the Irish Open at the beginning of July and the German Open in November. 

The Phoenix at Bisley,Surrey 
The Phoenix will be held on the  28th of May till the 30th of May. This event will incorporate the international shotgun  and gallery rifle matches with the shotgun being held on the Friday and the Gallery rifle being held on the Monday  (all dates and times of internationals will be confirmed closer to the time). Registration details of the match will be released soon.  I have attached a guide to attending the Phoenix which was written by both Frank Feeney and Karl O’Brien.

The Chef De Mission for this overseas trip will be Karl O’Brien and is contactable at If you intend on traveling to the match please let the chef de mission know ASAP as travelling to GB requires the application of  a permit. 

Irish Open 
The Irish open 2021 will be held in Bracken Projectile Club outside Strabane on the 2 July till the 4th of July . As this is in Northern Ireland there is a requirement for a separate permit to be organised to allow for travel. please contact and they will advise you on how best to organise the permit. 
The full detail of the competition will follow over the coming months. If you require any advice on attending this match please do not hesitate to contact

German Open 2021 
The German Open 2021 will be held at the beginning of November in leitmar Germany. The competition is will attend by Irish competitors and includes the opportunity for Irish compeititors to shoot M1 carbines . full details of the event will follow at a later stage 
Chef de mission will be Karl O’Brien

The Teams
To make the Irish teams in shotgun and gallery rifle you must qualify through the leader boards which are available on the NASRPC website. We expect a competitive year of target shooting this year as we prepare for the IGRF international in 2022 to be held in the UK . If you have any queries please contact  

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