Irish Teams – South Africa 2019


The NASRPC is happy to announce the Team Ireland teams who will be attending the IGRF World Championship and ITSF International Target Shotgun Competition in South Africa.

GRCF1500 Team:

Jeff Kehoe © –  IPAPC
Len Regan – MNSCI
Daniel O’Flaherty – Lough Bo
Eamonn Gallagher – Courtlough
Pat Grimes – MNSCI
Mike Kelly (Sub) – Donegal Target Club

GRSB1500 Team:

Len Regan – MNSCI
Daniel O’Flaherty © – Lough Bo
Mike O’Grady – An Riocht
Eamonn Gallagher – Courtlough
Karl O’Brien – Hilltop
Ian McGill (sub) – MNSCI

TSG Team:

Dean Parker © – MTSC
Daniel O’Flaherty – Lough Bo
Ian McGill – MNSCI
Len Regan – MNSCI
Jeff Kehoe – IPAPC

On behalf of the NASRPC Committee, NASRPC Clubs and Sports Shooters we wish the Gallery Rifle and Target Shotgun teams success in South Africa. We will update you as soon as we get news back from the teams.

The NASRPC would also like to thank Dave Corr of Corr Tactical and 5.11 for supporting Team Ireland and all who have you who have contributed to the Team Subsidy.

Safe travels and the best of luck to all attending.