NASRPC Irish Open – Bracken Gun Club


The National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs will hold the 2019 NASRPC Irish Open in Bracken Gun Club, Co. Tyrone (Northern Ireland) on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th July 2019.

About the Match:

The NASRPC Irish Open is an annual event – now in its 14th year – where competitors from all over Ireland and abroad come to compete in what is, for many, the highlight of their sporting calendar.

It is a multi day event, attracting large numbers of competitors and offering a huge array of competitive disciplines. It also includes the Irish leg of the IGRF (International Gallery Rifle Federation) International Series, as well as the Irish leg of the ITSF (International Target Shotgun Federation) International Series.

The IGRF Team Events will both take place on Saturday 6th July.

The ITSF Team Events will both take place on Friday 5th July.

NASRPC are also holding an invitational Pistol match on Sunday 7th July – hoping to see teams from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and others compete.

On the evening of Saturday July 6th we will be celebrating in the Friel’s Hotel in Raphoe with a three course meal, a few refreshments and having the craic.
Tickets for the Dinner are €25/£25 and can be purchased as part of your online registration.  Please specify if any Dietary Requirements.

Firearms storage:

Firearms storage is available to competitors, please email with the following details:

  • Name
  • Day of Competition
  • Type of firearms you will be storing

Please produce Firearms Certificate on arrival.


Hot food and canteen services will be provided on site


Gate House Lane Apartments Raphoe, 1 minute walk from where the Gala dinner is being held and 15 minute’s drive from the range, contact Gillian 0872474356

  • B&B approx. 1 mile from Raphoe – Contact Alec (087) 776 3673
  • B&B approx. 3 miles from Raphoe – Contact (074) 914 4734
  • Fir Trees Hotel, Strabane +44 28 71382382

Also a number of hotels in Letterkenny (40 minutes from the range and 25 minute from gala dinner).

  • Clanree Hotel  – +353 (0)74 912 4369
  • Radisson Blu Hotel – +353 (0)74 919 4444
  • Mount Errigal Hotel – +353 (0)74 912 2700
  • McGettigan’s Hotel – +353(0)74 912 2066


Bracken has not been made specifically Wheelchair Accessible.  For more information contact the range.


Smallbore Pistol / Open Smallbore pistol Single Handed Smallbore Pistol / Smallbore Revolver Centrefire Pistol / Open Centrefire Pistol Smallbore Gallery Rifle / Centrefire Gallery Rifle / Classic Centrefire Gallery Rifle
25m Precision 25m Precision 25m Precision 25m Precision
50m Precision 50m Precision 50m Precision 50m Precision
Timed & Precision 1   Timed & Precision 1 Timed & Precision 1
Multi Target   Multi Target Timed & Precision 2
GP40   GP85 Multi Target
GP85   WA48 1020


Sporting Rifle / Field Sporting Rifle /
Open Field Sporting Rifle / Target Rifle
Target Shotgun Manual / Target Shotgun Semi Benchrest Rifle
50m Prone Timed & Precision 1 50m Heavy Varmint
100m Prone Multi Target 50m Light Varmint
  Embassy Cup 50m International Sporter
    50m Factory Sporter
    50m Semi Auto

Individual Aggregates:

  • GRSB Short Aggregate (TP1 + MT + 25P)
  • GRSB Champ Aggregate (1500 + TP1 + MT + 50P)
  • GRCF Short Aggregate (TP1 + MT + 25P)
  • GRCF Champ Aggregate (1500 + TP1 + MT + 50P)
  • SBP Aggregate (TP1 + MT + GP85 + 25P) (SBP or OSBP)
  • CFP Aggregate (TP1 + MT + 25P + WA48) (CFP or OCFP)
  • SPR Aggregate (SPR50 + SPR100)
  • FSPR Aggregate (FSPR50 + FSPR100)
  • TSG Aggregate (TP1 + MT + EMB) (TSGM or TSGS)

Aggregate scores are calculated from your individual scores.

There is no fee for Individual Aggregate Entry – it is automatically calculated.

Club Team:

Club Teams are, as the name suggests, on a per club basis – with scores from the best 6 team members counting.  Scores will be aggregated from all the following events to give the clubs team score.

  • 50m Prone (SPR or FSPR or TR50)
  • 50m Benchrest (BR50FS or BR50SA)
  • GRSB 25P
  • GRSB 1500
  • SBP 25P (SBP or OSBP)
  • SBP T&P1 (SBP or OSBP)
  • CFP T&P1 (CFP or OCFP)
  • TSG T&P1 (TSGS or TSGM)

Club Team placings, from NASRPC clubs, will count towards the 2019 NASRPC Club Team Championship.  There is no fee for Club Team Entry – it is automatically calculated.


David Corr of CorrTactical who sponsors the Irish IGRF Teams – is again providing the match shirts for this year’s Irish Open.

He has two options available,

Additional Decals – Name, Flag, etc are €5/£5. There are more details in the online registration. Of course he will be onsite with the full 5.11 catalogue available also – if you wish to order anything else for collection please contact David on 07785 501969 or via Facebook

Development Fundraising Raffle:

Again this year we are holding a Raffle to raise funds for Development within the NASRPC Club Network. We have organised a very impressive prize table with some very high value items including a number of firearms.

Tickets for the Raffle (which are limited to 150 tickets) are €50 and can be purchased through your club, or at the event before Saturday night.  If you have any difficulty obtaining tickets contact and we will organise some for you.

Please specify on the ticket stub, your order of preference for the prizes.  The draw will take place on Saturday July 6th during the Dinner in Friel’s Hotel in Raphoe.  Should a winner not be present, the prize will be held for them.

For more information visit NASRPC Development Raffle

Entry Fee:

€10/£10 Per Discipline

€200/£200 Entry Fee cap for entire match
50% discount for half day RO duty

​Note: 50% reduction for Pensioners, Full time students and the unemployed.  Only one discount applies.

There is also a €5/£5 Team Support Levy on all NASRPC competitions – which is added to each entry.

All entry Fees payable on the day.

Schedule & ​Pre-registration:

Match Schedule

Pre-registration Pre-registration is now open to give those that wish to volunteer first pick of the details – it will open to everyone else on Friday 31st May.

Note: Pre-registration is mandatory

Please Note:

All NASRPC Competitions are Open Competitions.

Details are as per the match schedule

Medals and awards will be presented on Sunday July 7th @ 15:30
All Events will count towards the 2019 NASRPC National Championships.

See the NASRPC Website or contact or more details.


GPS coordinates are: 54.78063, -7.35845

Google Maps

More Info:

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact NASRPC or Bracken Projectile Club

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