June 2018 – NASRPC National Competition

The National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs will hold a National Competition in Fermoy Rifle Club on Saturday 16th June.


  • [SBPTP1  ] Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
  • [SBPMT   ] Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
  • [OSBPTP1 ] Open Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
  • [OSBPMT  ] Open Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
  • [CFPTP1  ] Centrefire Pistol – T&P1​​
  • [CFPMT   ] Centrefire Pistol – Multi Target
  • [OCFPTP1 ] Open Centrefire Pistol – T&P1​​
  • [OCFPMT  ] Open Centrefire Pistol – Multi Target
  • [SPR50   ] Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  • [FSPR50  ] Field Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  • [TR50    ] Target Rifle – 50m Prone
  • [GRSBTP1 ] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – T&P1
  • [GRSBMT  ] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – Multi Target
  • [GRSB1500] Smallbore Gallery Rifle – 1500
  • [GRCFTP1 ] Centrefire Gallery Rifle – T&P1
  • [GRCFMT  ] Centrefire Gallery Rifle – Multi Target
  • [GRCF1500] Centrefire Gallery Rifle – 1500
  • [BR50FS  ] 50m Benchrest – Factory Sporter
  • [BR50SA  ] 50m Benchrest – Semi Auto
  • [BR50HV  ] 50m Benchrest – Heavy Varmint
  • [BR50LV  ] 50m Benchrest – Light Varmint
  • [BR50IS  ] 50m Benchrest – International Sporter
  • Club Team

Club Team
Scores from the following disciplines will be aggregated from each club, to give a club score which will count towards the 2018 NASRPC Club League.
Scores from the best 6 competitors in each club will count.

  • 50m Prone – (SPR50 or FSPR50 or TR50)
  • 50m Benchrest – (BR50FS or BR50SA)
  • GRSB – Timed & Precision 1
  • GRSB – Multi Target
  • SBP – Timed & Precision 1 (SBP or OSBP)
  • SBP – Multi Target (SBP or OSBP)

Entry Fee:
€10 Per Discipline, payable on the day.
€50 Discounted Entry for Entire NASRPC match
​​Note: 50% reduction for Pensioners, Full time students and the unemployed only one discount applies
There is also a €5 development levy

Schedule & ​Pre-registration
Match Schedule
Pre-registration is now open for Range Officers
Prereg will open, in general on Wednesday June 13th @ 12 noon.
Note: Pre-registration is not mandatory, but recommended.
Please Note: It is only permitted for an individual to choose
    5 disciplines during pre-registration.
Other disciplines may be entered on the day – but will not be scheduled.

Fermoy Rifle Club is fully wheelchair accessible.
For more information, please contact the club.

Please Note
All NASRPC Competitions are Open Competitions.

First Detail will begin at 10:00am.
Last Detail will begin at 17:00pm.

Results will be posted in the days following the event
Uncollected Medals will be delivered to clubs at the quarterly meetings.
​    Note: ​Medals will only be awarded in classes where there are sufficient entries.

All Events will count towards the 2018 NASRPC National Championships.

See the NASRPC Website or  contact competitions@nasrpc.ie for more details.

GPS coordinates are: 52.13895, -8.43422
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More Info:
If you have any questions or require any further information please contact
Fermoy Rifle Club
National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs Competitions