The National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs
have sanctioned a National Competition in
Bracken Gun Club, Co. Tyrone
on the
23rd & 24th April 2022

Prone Rifle
50m Prone, 100m Prone 
(Sporting, Field Sporting, Open Field Sporting & Target Rifle)

Benchrest Rifle
50m Benchrest Rifle
(Factory Sporter, Semi Auto, Heavy Varmint,
Light Varmint & International Sporter)

Gallery Rifle
Smallbore Gallery Rifle, Centrefire Gallery Rifle,
Classic Centrefire Gallery Rifle &
Open Centrefire Gallery Rifle

(25m Precision, 50m Precision, Timed & Precision 1,
Multi Target, 1020 & 1500)

Target Pistol
Smallbore Pistol, Open Smallbore Pistol,
Single Handed Smallbore Pistol, Smallbore Revolver,
Centrefire Pistol & Open Centrefire Pistol

(25m Precision, 50m Precision, Timed & Precision 1,
Multi Target, GP85, GP40**, CFP48**)
(** Firearm specific)

Target Shotgun
Manual Target Shotgun, Semi Target Shotgun
(Timed & Precision 1, Multi Target, Embassy Cup)

Entry Fee:
€£10 Per NASRPC Discipline, payable on the day.
€£50 Discounted Entry fee cap, each day
There is also a €£5 Team Support Levy.

​​Note: 50% reduction for Pensioners, Full time students
and the unemployed in NASRPC Disciplines.
Only one discount applies

Schedule & ​Pre-registration

Note: Pre-registration is now open early for those wishing to volunteer.
Volunteer Slots are currently mandatory
Pre-registration will open to all on Sunday April 10th.

Please ensure you do not overlap your volunteer slots
with your competition slots.

Match Schedule
Pre registration

Note: It is only permitted for an individual
to pre-register for 5 NASRPC disciplines, each day.
Other disciplines may be entered on the day – but will not be scheduled.

Note: Pre-registration is not mandatory, but recommended.

Please Note:
All NASRPC Competitions are Open Competitions
and will count towards the 2022 National Leagues

First Detail will begin at 09:30am.
Last Detail will begin at 16:30pm

Results will be posted in the days following the event
​    Note: ​Medals will only be awarded in classes where
there are sufficient entries.

GPS: 54.78063, -7.35845
Google Maps

More Info:

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact

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