Pre-registration is now open to all
with choosing a volunteer slot no longer mandatory.However, If there are Volunteer slots remaining
and you can spare 2 hours from your weekend
please be sure to offer to help.

The National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs
have sanctioned a National Competition in
Fermoy Rifle Club, Co. Cork
on the
26th & 27th March 2022

Following a working group in 2020 it was suggested to have a “Pistol Only” National in order to cater for, and try to increase the numbers of, pistol shooters taking part in National Competition.

This is that event. There will be competition offered for the following types of firearms:

  • Centrefire Pistol
  • Open Centrefire pistol
  • Smallbore Pistol
  • Open Smallbore Pistol
  • Smallbore Revolver &
  • Single Handed Smallbore Pistol

There will be
  25m Precision, 50m Precision, Timed & Precision 1, Multi Target, GP85
offered in all of the above.

There will additionally be
  CFP48, CFPTP2 and CFP1500
offered for Centrefire pistols
(These share the Course of Fire with the WA1500; 48 shot, 60 shot and 150 shot matches, however any centrefire pistol or revolver may be used)

There will additionally be
offered for Smallbore Pistols

  SBR400 – a 40 shot side match offered for Smallbore Revolvers.
  CFR400 – a 40 shot side match offered for Centrefire Revolvers.

Entry Fee:
€10 Per NASRPC Discipline, payable on the day.
€50 Discounted Entry fee cap, each day
There is also a €5 Team Support Levy.

​​Note: 50% reduction for Pensioners, Full time students
and the unemployed in NASRPC Disciplines.
Only one discount applies

Note: The SBR400 match is run as a “side match”
so will be charged (€10) separately.

Schedule & ​Pre-registration

Note: Pre-registration opens early for those wishing to volunteer –
Additionally, a 25% discount on your entry fees
will be offered for each “Volunteer Slot” worked.
Please ensure you do not overlap your volunteer slots
with your competition slots.

Match Schedule
Pre registration

Note: It is only permitted for an individual
to pre-register for 5 NASRPC disciplines, each day.
Other disciplines may be entered on the day – but will not be scheduled.

Note: Pre-registration is not mandatory, but recommended.

Please Note:
All NASRPC Competitions are Open Competitions
and will count towards the 2022 National Leagues

First Detail will begin at 10:00am.
Last Detail will begin at 17:00pm

Results will be posted in the days following the event
​    Note: ​Medals will only be awarded in classes where there are sufficient entries.

GPS: 52.13901004425263, -8.435731094931029
Google Maps

More Info:

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact

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