The Committee and members of MTSC would like to thank all of the shooters who travelled to MTSC to take part in our National NASRPC competition this weekend.

We were blessed with the weather and we saw full lines and high scores all weekend.

Congratulations to Mark Nolan / Harbour House on scoring a National record in SBPTP1, of 300.021, eclipsing the previous record held by Mark McCandless / Courtlough of 300.015.
Thanks also to Nigel Barrett for the NSS, which worked flawlessly, enabling the match to run and be scored so smoothly.

We would also like to wish Good luck to all of the shooters representing Ireland at the upcoming international match at Bisley.  We would also like to thank David Corr for bringing a great range of 5.11 clothing and accessories.

You will find the match results here: Competition Results – MTSC May 2022, to see the latest, where any changes will be reflected.

Scoring Challenges will be accepted until Tuesday Night May 10th
All challenges to