Pistol – National Teams

At this years Irish Open in Bracken, NASRPC will be hosting an International Pistol Team event.  We have already sent out invites to other Nations and hope to see them field teams in this event.  The Competition will take place on Sunday July 7th.

Having already fielded National Teams in both Gallery Rifle and Target Shotgun NASRPC felt it was high time we started to provide an International aspect to Pistol Shooting.

We hope it will be the beginning of something great for the Pistol Shooters among us.

The Competition is based around the GP85 Discipline introduced in 2018.  It will see,

  • A Team of 4 shoot SBPGP85 and
  • A Team of 4 shoot CFPGP85
  • With the best 3 from each being aggregated to give the overall Team Score.

(This means that a team, of as few as 3, with the requisite skills, could represent their country)

So … it is time to choose the Irish Team that will take part in the event.

There will be GP85 Heats in,

  • March 30th – MNSCI
  • April 27th-28th – An Riocht
  • May 5th – Bracken
  • May 11th-12th – MTSC
  • June 8th-9th – FRC
  • June 16th – DTC @ Bracken

We will maintain a leaderboard in SBPGP85 and CFPGP85.  (Either can be shot with Iron or Open sights – pistols or revolvers are permitted)

Following the final heat in June, the Leaderboards will choose the 4 Smallbore and 4 Centrefire competitors (top of board)  who will represent Ireland.

They will each need 2 scores including one of the last three heats in order to qualify.

After that …. well it’s all up to them.

If you have any questions about the event or how you could earn a place on Team Ireland – please feel free to contact us

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