Results – BRC – June 2024

A great weekend in BRC for their 2024 National – shooting in the sunshine.

The trend continues where clubs have become totally self-sufficient for their National – with loads of BRC ROs manning the ranges – Rebecca was holding down the fort (and deciphering all the Hieroglyphics) in Registration and Stats all weekend and did a great job – here’s hoping every other club will now be able to do the same.

BRC had food available both days and we are told there were even some cupcakes to be had for a finish on Sunday.

Again we had loads of people shooting in their first National and earning a National Classification – another trend we hope to see continue for all National matches.

And even a quick glance across the scores shows there was some very good shooting – with loads of PBs across all disciplines – people seem to have been getting a bit of practice in.

Match results can be found here, some highlights were;

Brackens Vincent Glenn shooting a new All time record in FSPR100 – 399.017 – beating his own record of 398.023 that he set back in Bracken in April. There were some very good scores across the board in this discipline – but as Vincent showed, you needed to bring your A game.

Courtloughs Mark McCandless set a new All time record in BR50FS – shooting 485.020 – beating ECSCs Sean McElwains record of 481.017 set way back in Hilltop in Aug’17.

Fermoys Noel Kennedy set a new All time record in BR50IS – shooting 499.019 – beating MNSCIs Sean Cassidys record of 498.030 set way way back in HilltopĀ inĀ Aug’15