Results – CIPC – November 2018


If you have not been to Castlebridge, out on the slobs, just the south side of Wexford town, we can highly recommend attending the next event there.

They have a 7 lane indoor, warm, range – which was the ideal place to be last weekend in what was terrible weather.

The guys worked very hard, in essence doing all the match prep, starting two weeks before collecting targets, running a preshoot for their ROs, doing all the ROing and organising a fantastic curry in the middle of each day.

There was some exceptional shooting – with Castlebridges Richard Gregg putting in a huge score in OSBP25P – only for Courtloughs Mark McCandless to take him, by just 2x in the end. Competition in Pistol is getting tougher and tougher all the time.

See the full match results here

I think everyone will agree that we can all learn something from how Castlebridge operate.

As it stands, our next outing is in February 2019. Back in Castlebridge.

Now is the time for clubs to be thinking of when they will be ready to host a national next year and get it on the calendar.

There will be a Match Admin & CRO Upskilling day in Hilltop on January 12th.

An ideal opportunity for clubs to get a few members ready to run their National and, in turn, run their own upskilling day for more of their members.

We would welcome people letting us know what sorts of things they would like to see covered on this day.

More information in the coming weeks.

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