What turned out to be a bit of a breezy weekend didn’t seem to put anyone off.
An Riocht “The Kingdom” Rifle & Pistol Club hosted the NASRPC for our first two day event there.
This coincided with a 300m F-Class shoot on the Saturday and a 300m Classic Shoot for the famous An Riocht Shield on the Sunday.
There was a huge crowd with some logistical support provided by Kerry Air Traffic Control to keep the cars in order.
NASRPC saw some 45 competitors from 11 clubs travel to An Riocht – aswell as the large crowd that attended both days for the longer distance shooting.
The conditions were “challenging” with the strong winds that buffeted the entire country – but some very tasty scores were put in.such as FRCs Brendan Kelly taking the Gold with a Personal Best in Smallbore Pistol Multi Target or Eagles Tom Egan taking the Gold with a new Personal best in Centrefire Pistol 25m Precision – not to mention Hilltops Len Regans new Personal best in M1 Gallery Rifle Timed & Precision 1.
But there can be no doubt that Harbour Houses Alan Kelly – shooting 298 in the Classic Rifle shoot with his trusty old Lee Enfield showed everyone how to shoot in the wind.
The craic was mighty – the tea was plentiful – the translations services were top shelf and everyone enjoyed themselves and we all left a bit more windswept.
Thanks to Pat O Mahoney and the gang in An Riocht for a great weekend and what looks like it may become a great annual fixture in the NASRPC Calendar.