The NASRPC are proposing to introduce club team events at National matches.

These matches will then be used as championship heats to identify the “Best Club” as part of the National Championship.

The purpose of this is to encourage increased competitive participation in more disciplines at club level. This should also increase competition between team members from each club aswell as some healthy inter-club rivalry for the title of “Best Club”
Club National Team

Each club can enter a team of 6 individuals for the National Championship.
All members of the team must be members of the club.

Each individual may shoot as many of the recognised team disciplines as they wish.
With 6 individuals and a limited number of events, clubs may have specialists in each discipline or all rounders competing in many.

Only these registered team members may compete in the various heats throughout the year.

Should a team member be unable to continue to compete for medical or other reasons – a substitute may be proposed to This is not facilitate a better shooter taking someones place during the year – but simply where a team loses a member and wants to replace them.

Other Club Teams
Clubs can also enter second, third and so on teams at any individual heat and those teams may well win the heat – but only the National teams scores count towards the National Championship.

An individual may only be a member of one club team.
Team Scoring

The team will receive a 25 point bonus for each discipline shot.

The best score in each discipline, from any of the team members, will be aggregated, along with the discipline bonuses, to give the overall team score.
National Championship – Best Club
In the Competition Calendar the club team disciplines will be as follows

Sporting Rifle 50m Prone
Benchrest Rifle 50m Factory Sporter
Smallbore Pistol GP40
Smallbore Gallery Rifle 1020

There is a 25 point bonus for entering a score in each discipline.

Giving a maximum possible team score of
(25×4) + 400(40) + 500(50) + 400(40) + 1020(102) = 2420(232x)

Team members simply shoot the discipline once – their score will be used to calculate their individual placing aswell as be used in Team calculations.

There will be 6 “Best Club” Championship heats

Munster Target Shooting Club
Harbour House Sporting Club
Bracken Projectile Club
An Riocht (Provisional pending confirmation of Benchrest capability)
NASRPC Irish International Open
Lough Bo Shooting Club

At each of these the events, teams disciplines will be scheduled and the winning club, on the day will be announced as part of the results..
Best Club Award

At the end of the year the Best 5 team scores from each team will be aggregated to identify the “Best Club” which will be awarded as part of the National Championship awards.

2016 Trial

This year (2016) we will trial the concept at the Lough Bo National held in September.

There will be four disciplines

GRSB Multi Target
GRSB 25m Precision
SBP Timed & Precision 1
SBP 25m Precision

The winning club will be announced as part of the results.
Future Plans
Following the initial year we may look to increase the disciplines to include Centrefire Pistol & Centrefire Gallery Rifle disciplines.

To begin with, it was felt that we would not include restricted firearms, in order to facilitate the largest possible participation.

In year two we would look to include

Centrefire Pistol 25m Precision
Centrefire Gallery Rifle 1500

As Team Disciplines also.


As always your input in sought and appreciated.

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