July 2017 – NASRPC International Competition

The National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs
will hold

The 2017 IGRF World Cup & NASRPC Irish Open


Midlands National Shooting Centre of Ireland, Co. Offaly
on Thursday 6th, Friday 7th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July 2017

The NASRPC Irish Open is an annual event where competitors from all over Ireland and abroad come to compete in what is, for many, the highlight of their sporting calendar.

It is a multi day event, attracting hundreds of competitors and offering a huge array of competitive disciplines. It includes the Irish leg of the IGRF (International Gallery Rifle Federation) International Series.

The IGRF World Cup is held every second year and includes team events where the National teams of the IGRF Nations compete for the honour of making their country the World Champion.

Ireland had held this honour before – having been crowned Champions during the World Cup held in Britain in 2013.

For the first time, the World Cup is being held in Ireland and we have teams coming in from Britain, Germany, Australia and South Africa who will face our own teams on home turf.

The IGRF World Cup Team Events will take place on Sunday 9th July.

This is also the inaugural year of the ITSF (International Target Shotgun Federation) with National Teams competing in a range of target shotgun events.

Here’s a little video on what it’s all about

5.11 & Corr Tactical

NASRPC are very pleased to have partnered with David Corr of Corr Tactical and 5.11 as our prime sponsors for the event.

David has been a constant fixture in our sports for a number of years now and his range of 5.11 products have become extremely popular among competitors.

Corr Tactical and 5.11 have very graciously sponsored the team outfits for the Irish National Teams competing in this event.

Corr Tactical are also doing the match shirts this year – offering an amazing bundle of: a 5.11 Pinnacle Shirt with Name and Logo, along with a complementary 5.11 baseball cap – for only €35.
If you wish to add a National flag to the shirt – it is just an additional €5.

You can reserve your shirt via online registration

Of course you will now have the opportunity to try the shirts to ensure you get the correct size and then David can apply the name on site.


  1. Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
  2. Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
  3. Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision​
  4. Smallbore Pistol – GP40
  5. Open Smallbore Pistol – T&P1
  6. Open Smallbore Pistol – Multi Target
  7. Open Smallbore Pistol – 25m Precision​
  8. Open Smallbore Pistol – GP40
  9. Centrefire Pistol – T&P1​​
  10. Centrefire Pistol – Multi Target
  11. Centrefire Pistol – 25m Precision
  12. Open Centrefire Pistol – T&P1​​
  13. Open Centrefire Pistol – Multi Target
  14. Open Centrefire Pistol – 25m Precision​
  15. Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  16. Field Sporting Rifle – 50m Prone
  17. 50m Benchrest Rifle – Heavy Varmint
  18. 50m Benchrest Rifle – Light Varmint
  19. 50m Benchrest Rifle – International Sporter
  20. 50m Benchrest Rifle – Factory Sporter
  21. 50m Benchrest Rifle – Semi Auto
  22. Gallery Rifle – Smallbore – 1500
  23. Gallery Rifle – Smallbore – 1020
  24. Gallery Rifle – Smallbore – T&P1
  25. Gallery Rifle – Smallbore – T&P2
  26. Gallery Rifle – Smallbore – Multi Target
  27. ​Gallery Rifle – Smallbore – 25m Precision​
  28. ​Gallery Rifle – Smallbore – 50m Precision​
  29. Gallery Rifle – Centrefire – 1500
  30. Gallery Rifle – Centrefire – 1020
  31. Gallery Rifle – Centrefire – T&P1
  32. Gallery Rifle – Centrefire – T&P2
  33. Gallery Rifle – Centrefire – Multi Target
  34. ​Gallery Rifle – Centrefire – 25m Precision​
  35. ​Gallery Rifle – Centrefire – 50m Precision​
  36. Gallery Rifle – M1 – T&P1
  37. Gallery Rifle – M1 – Multi Target
  38. Target Shotgun – Manual – T&P1
  39. Target Shotgun – Manual – Multi Target
  40. Target Shotgun – Manual – Embassy Cup
  41. Target Shotgun – Semi – T&P1
  42. Target Shotgun – Semi – Multi Target
  43. Target Shotgun – Semi – Embassy Cup

There will also be team and aggregate awards – more details to follow

Entry Fee:
€8 Per Discipline, payable on the day.
€100 Discounted Entry for Entire NASRPC match
​​Note: 50% reduction for Pensioners, Full time students and the unemployed
only one discount applies

€5 Team Entry – teams of up to five
Team scores will be an aggregate of a number of disciplines.
More Info to follow.

Schedule & ​Pre-registration
Match Schedule
Pre-registration is now open.
Pre-registration is mandatory

Please Note
All NASRPC Competitions are Open Competitions.

Details are as per the match schedule
Medals and awards will be presented on Sunday July 9th @ 15:30

All Events will count towards the 2017 NASRPC National Championships.
See the NASRPC Website or
contact competitions@nasrpc.ie or more details.

International Dinner

NASRPC are hosting a dinner, to celebrate with our international guests, on Saturday July 8th in the Bridge House Hotel in Tullamore.

Tickets are €30 each and can be reserved via online registration.

Be sure to reserve your spot for what will, no doubt, be a great night.

GPS coordinates are:53.23677, -7.66818
Google Maps

More Info:
The nearest town to the Range is Tullamore,
where there are a number of hotels, b&bs etc.
offering plenty of accommodation options.

Free camping is available on site on the range

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact
Midlands National Shooting Centre of Ireland

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs