I’d like to thank Keith Duggan for his contribution to the NASRPC organisation as outgoing National Training and Development Officer. Keith developed and implemented a very effective training program for NASRPC Range Safety Officers, it would have been impossible to run the National shoots with such effectiveness without the input and dedicating of the NASRPC RSO’s.

I am very pleased to have been nominated and  selected as National Training and Development Officer for NASRPC in 2016.

I would hope to bring to the association my experience in training and development of other aspects of shooting sports and to support and develop clubs and individuals to achieve in their chosen Sport.

One aspect that I would like to influence is the repeated dependence on a small number of NASRPC Range Safety Officers who tirelessly have given of their time to running and managing the National Shoots so often at the cost of not being able to compete in the competitions themselves or not being able to develop their own achievements in line with other individuals whom they are supporting while managing the shoots.

I have some ideas that I would like to develop and it is my intention to seek the opinions of the current NASRPC RSO on how we might manage and improve the support at national competitions while allowing everyone to compete fairly and with the dependence on the few as has been the case in the preceding years.

In the first instance I will be in touch with all NASRPC affiliated clubs who are willing to run National Shoots in 2016, I will assess the ability of the club to provide shooting line RSO’s on the days of the National Shoots from the local club, if this is possible it will mean that the lines will be managed by a qualified NASRPC RSO who will be able to call the lines and adjudicate in the case of any rule queries.

If we can achieve this we will run a RSO rota that will mean that individuals who volunteer as NASRPC RSO’s will not be travelling the length and breadth of the country working all day and not shooting. I will be in touch with each of the current NASRPC qualified RSO’s to discuss this ASAP and in particular when the National Calendar has been agreed.

For any clubs short on qualified Range Safety Officers we will ensure that we offer RSO courses at the clubs to bring more willing members up to speed ( and no there will be no charge for these courses). For RSO’s already qualified as Club RSO we will offer a transition course to bring them up to the level of an NASRPC qualified RSO to allow them to manage the lines at National Shoots.

With respect to development, it is my intention to meet with the various international teams and seek to put in place training and support plans that will aid development of the team in particular areas, we have already had offered of support from highly qualified individuals who will offer, mental, physical and physiological support, the emphasis on High Performance Training techniques in aid of the team developments.

I intent to support and develop the roll out of Women on Target Programs that have been highly successful in some clubs, we will provide starter Kits for clubs willing to run the programs, this will include free sets of hearing and eye protection, support material such as power point presentations and instructors to provide the courses if the club cannot.

I am open to any other ideas that may be put forward in order to support the development of the sport. If you do not tell me what you need I cannot deliver!

I look forward to working with the clubs and club members in the application of practical support for all who need or want it. (no charge!)

Kind Regards.
and Safe Shooting
Declan Keogh
NASRPC National Training & Development Officer.