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Centrefire Pistol – What can you shoot?

Centrefire Pistol (CFP) has been fully supported by the NASRPC since their return in 2006.
You may find this hard to believe, but at one time Centrefire pistol was more popular than Smallbore Pistol or Smallbore Rifle.

Alas, Government policy, or more specifically individual political ambition, has seen it gradually destroyed as more and more people are driven out of it …. In the Republic.

However, NASRPC is a 32 country Organisation – and Centrefire pistol is as popular, if not more so, as ever in Northern Ireland.

There are a Variety of Disciplines, offering a variety of challenges, that you can take part in in NASRPC competitions.

Are there many Centrefire Pistol matches?

Centrefire Pistol is not available on all ranges in the NASRPC – however, it is available on most. The vast majority of NASRPC National events will offer CFP disciplines. The Irish Open will also include CFP Events.

You could be shooting alongside Smallbore Pistols, Gallery Rifles and Target Shotguns in some disciplines.

Keep an eye on the calendar – sign up to the mailing list – follow NASRPC on facebook. So you will hear about what events are coming up and what disciplines are available in them.

Are there any “Pistol Only” Events?

Not to date – but we are about to fix that.

It was felt that pistols are suffering by people having too much choice at some Nationals and when it comes down to it the short firearms are not getting an outing. So a Pistol only event should solve that – where you can spend the entire weekend shooting a pistol or revolver.

Currently we have March 26th and 27th 2022 pencilled in for a Pistol Only National in Fermoy Rifle Club.

As the name suggests this will only offer Pistol and Revolver disciplines – both centrefire and smallbore.

We will offer the full range of NASRPC pistol disciplines and perhaps more.

As we get closer, we will will keep you informed of more details – but put a star on your calendar and be sure to attend. If it is a success, we can look to do more of the same.

I have never shot CFP – can I do it?

Of course you can.

Unfortunately, due to our crazy licensing in the Republic, unless you held a license for a Centrefire Pistol, in the Republic, prior to 2008, you are not permitted to shoot CFP in the Republic.

However, you can shoot it in Northern Ireland (and most other places!!)

As we have member clubs in Northern Ireland and as some clubs in the Republic actually host their National in Northern Ireland there is ample opportunity to compete in CFP during the season.

Of course, you will need to learn how – so talk to your club – talk to some of the clubs in Northern Ireland – and maybe see about your club getting a Training Day in a Club in Northern Ireland – to get you up to speed.

What is the difference between CFP and OCFP?

The main difference is what sights you are allowed to use.

In Centrefire Pistol (CFP) you are only allowed Iron Sights

whereas in Open Centrefire Pistol (OCFP) you are allowed any sights
so you are allowed to shoot OCFP with Iron Sights, a scope or a red dot sight (but, obviously, no projecting sights)

What about Revolvers?

NASRPC does not distinguish between Pistols and Revolvers in Centrefire Pistol competition – both compete on an equal footing.

We are looking at trialing a new Revolver Discipline – which may have a Centrefire Aspect, depending on feedback.

What calibres are allowed?

This is largely dictated by what ranges are able for.

So the limit is .455 calibre in centrefire pistol calibres.

We have seen people enter competitions with everything from a 25 acp to a 454 casull, and everything in between.

If you are unsure – ask before you arrive.

What is WA1500?

WA1500 is an International body which administers a number of CFP Disciplines across both Pistol and Revolver.
For more information visit

NASRPC do not hold WA1500 events – as these must be sanctioned by the WA1500.

NASRPC does offer CFPWA48 which is based on, but not compliant with, a WA1500 event.

There are some WA1500 events held in Ireland – however it is very popular in many other countries.

What is IPSC?

IPSC is an International body which administers a number of Disciplines, including CFP disciplines.
For more information visit

NASRPC do not hold IPSC events – as these must be sanctioned by the IPSC.

There have not been any IPSC events held in Ireland for a few years – however it is very popular in every other country.
Competing in IPSC requires a “competition license”, which you must complete training to achieve.


You can review all of the Centrefire Pistol Discipline Leaderboards, where you can see your current classification and ranking, at the following links


No OCFP Leaderboards yet

CFP National Champions

The last finals was held in 2019 –

to see who the current National Champions in Centrefire Pistol are

have a look at the announcement from back then.

CFP National Teams

At the last Irish Open we hosted an International Pistol Event.- in which we fielded a Centrefire Pistol National Team.

We can only host a Centrefire Pistol International when it is held in Northern Ireland, due to difficulties in having visitor permits issued for members of other National Teams, in the Republic.

You can visit the CFP National Team Selection Board, which shows who is currently qualified for Team Selection – standings on this board will change after each National Selection Heat. The National Team is selected by NASRPC two weeks prior to its event, or after the last selection heat.

There are other opportunities to shoot Internationally in CFP – such the Isle of Man Easter Shooting Festival and many others in WA1500, IPSC, Steel Challenge, Metallic Silhouettes and even ISSF 25m Centrefire Pistol.

Individuals frequently travel abroad to compete – perhaps, once you have got some Club and National events under your belt, you will too!

Questions, comments or feedback, as always, welcome.

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