Changing the venue for the 2017 NASRPC Irish Open and 2017 IGRF World Cup.


Obviously this was an extremely difficult decision – and was not taken lightly.


It was not a nice position to be in to have to make such a decision – but, nonetheless it had to be made.


Now that it has, we wish to look forward and focus our energies on preparations for the NASRPC Irish Open and IGRF World Cup.




There have been problems with the preferred host venue – Harbour House – on and off since before the 2016 NASRPC Irish Open.


It is our belief that these stem from in-house problems in the club that have leaked into their preparations for the events.


Regardless, NASRPC have been trying to work through those problems all that time. Indeed we recommended Harbour House as the venue for the events.


Many, many times there have been calls to move the events due to these problems, but again and again we said we would give them another chance.


These problems have escalated recently – including unreasonable demands which NASRPC could not meet. We attempted to find solutions, offered compromises, etc – but to no avail


It reached crisis levels when we were informed that if certain demands were not met “the contest could not go ahead”.


At that point we had no option – but to seek alternate venues – in order to ensure continuity of the event.




We had four possibilities – including Harbour House.


We decided that the committee should not make this decision alone – but rather needed the input of the NASRPC itself – so we called a Governing Body meeting.



  • Outlined what had been happening – the major milestones – including the threats to the events themselves.
  • Outlined the four possibilities, including pros and cons for each.
  • Made a recommendation that the event be moved to MNSCI to ensure continuity.
  • And asked the NASRPC to discuss and decide what should happen next.


We pointed out that our intention was always to move the NASRPC Irish Open around the clubs of the NASRPC from year to year – it was never a permanent arrangement that it be held in Harbour House – or indeed any other range.


We had just not foreseen having to do it this year.


The debate went on for a couple of hours – with much discussion around various pros and cons of the various possible venues – including Harbour House.


In the end the decision – difficult and all as it was – was made,

that for the good of the event, it should be moved to the MNSCI.


Harbour House wished NASRPC and MNSCI the best and hoped the event went well.


We hope to again host the NASRPC Irish Open in Harbour House at some stage – as it is an excellent facility and a credit to the O’Brien family.




We then immediately contacted the primary contact from each of the other IGRF nations to inform them of the decision – and posted a short note to Facebook to inform the public in general.


Obviously most of the clubs of the NASRPC were at the meeting – so could relate to their members what had transpired.


With everyone having a late drive home to their various corners of the island – we said we would wait until the next day to give a more detailed update.




One of the reasons for the committee recommending


The Midlands National Shooting Centre of Ireland ,


above the other possibilities, was it’s relatively close proximity to Harbour House.


It was the option that would cause the least disruption to travel plans – should the NASRPC choose it..


We realised that some people may have already reserved accommodation in the Kildare area – and if not willing, or able, to change to the Tullamore area – this only adds approx. 40 mins drive.


Should they wish to change their accommodation plans – there are a number of hotels in Tullamore – only 15 mins from the range – as well as guesthouses, B&Bs and other accommodation options.


There is free camping and campervan parking available on the grounds of MNSCI’s range, for those that had planned to stay at the range.


We had already been in contact with An Garda Siochana firearms policy unit about how to proceed in terms of Visitor permits, should the event need to move, and all visitor permits will apply to the new venue.


Firearms storage will be available, there is a large armory on site.  The range is spread over 77 hectares (190 acres).  It boasts 81, 50 m firing points and 18,  25 m firing points, as well as 1,2,3 and 600 m ranges.  There is also a 1,000 m range as well as DTL and Skeet.

If people need any recommendations or help with accommodation options – will be able to help with that.
If people have any questions about the events themselves – please feel free to contact where we will be glad to help.