Following a number of classification queries at National Events, NASRPC decided to do a review of the National Classification Database.

This has been passed down through various hands over the years, but only contains peoples classifications, no context as to how they got them.

When we investigated some of the queries, we found they had, in fact, the wrong classification.

To fix this : we have now entered all historical scores for Irish competitors, back to the start of 2008, into the official National Leaderboards.

This allows us to a do a number of things.

Firstly, it allows is to calculate everyone’s National Personal Best, in all ranking disciplines.
This can be seen in the “High Score” Column

Secondly, it allows us to identify everyone’s National Classification,
as this is a function of your personal best.
This can be seen in the “Class” column.
To see when you achieved the score, and hence classification, simply scroll right until you find it.

Thirdly, it allows us to calculate the current Irish Record in each discipline.
This can be seen in the “Record Box” beside the logo at top left of each leaderboard.
The person, or persons, who have achieved this score are highlighted in the “High Score” column, with a green background.

Also, each Leaderboard highlights the “potential” Championship finalists
This is purely indicative – as the positions will change throughout the competition season
Until the final Championship heat – at which time – those are the Championship finalists
This can be seen as the “Name” column is highlighted with a Blue background.

Finally, The GRSB1500 and GRCF1500 Leaderboards highlight those who meet the minimum scoring criteria for National Team Selection.
This can be seen where the “IRL” column is highlighted with a Green background.

The Results page on the NASRPC website, now contains links to:

o The Classification bands for each sport
o The Leaderboard for each Sport

These are public resources so will always be available to view and makes the calculation of classifications, ranking & records fully transparent.

They will be updated following each ranking event.

We hope this will help clarify how people got their classifications and where they stand in terms of qualifying for Championship Finals or National teams.

As always, your input is both welcomed and sought.

Any suggestions, queries, or indeed errors, should be directed to
National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs