Competition RO Upskill Training


What is it?

Every club in the land has plenty of Range Officers – every weekend and most likely plenty of weekdays – they are ensuring safety on their home range – at practice sessions, club matches and helping introduce new members to the sport.

Every club is different – but when it comes to National Competition, or indeed International Competition – we need everyone to be the same – so as competitors take part in the National Circuit throughout the island, they have the same experience.

We want to take those club ROs and train them in what is expected at NASRPC National and International Competition.

Who is it for?

Anyone who would like to volunteer as a National or International RO or anyone who would simply like to become a better RO.
If you are not sure, ask!!

We would also hope that some of those taking part may, in turn, train up yet more of their own club members to be better ROs.

When, Where & How Much?

NASRPC plan to do four of these sessions in 2018, one in each province.

The first is Leinster and will be on January 20th in BRC Shooting Club in Dublin.

There is no fee for taking part in the training.
However, you must let us know in advance that you will be attending.

What do I need to bring?

We will be mostly out on the range – so cold weather gear, rain gear, eye & ear protection, pens (pencils work better in the rain), etc.

Bring firearms and ammo (and obviously, licenses and insurance), as people will be taking turns being the competitor, the RO and the CRO throughout the day.

We want variety of firearms as we want people to gain experience clearing as many firearm types as possible, so if you have a tube loaded lever action or a top loading pistol, or whatever, bring it on – everyone will learn about them.

Enthusiasm – this is not a lecture – we want your questions, your input, your experience.

And bring Lunch!!

What happens after?

This training does not certify you in any way – it is simply showing you what is expected at Nationals and Internationals.

Experience, Experience, Experience – all the training in the world is no substitute for experience and practice.
You will gain valuable experience during this days training – but as with marksmanship, RO Skills will deteriorate if you do not keep practicing.

So offer to RO more on your home range, volunteer to RO at Nationals and even sign up to RO a half day at the Irish Open.
Just remember to take time out to shoot too!!!!

NASRPC will be tracking peoples RO experience at Training, Nationals and the Irish Open from now on.
So while we are not certifying anyone as anything – we will be keeping track of who has gained the most National & International Experience and will, in time, look to award those people, and their club, for their service to the sport..

We will have more upskill training days over the year – everyone is welcome, to help or participate, even if they have previously attended.

Feedback – let us know what you thought of the training – anything we could or should add/drop/do better – so we can refine it for the next outing.

If you plan to attend,  or if you have any questions, please drop a line to

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs