National Discipline Co-ordinator

As we have not had a National Discipline Co-ordinator (NDC) for GRSB for some time, Nigel Barrett/Hilltop has volunteered to fulfil this role.
His position was ratified by the most recent meeting of the Governing Body.

Now that we can access ranges again, he has some plans for GRSB Development, that he will be announcing in due course.

25m Precision Classifications

Following a decision at the 2019 AGM it was decided to introduce classifications in 25m Precision competition.

This has already happened with Pistol in 2020.

It was decided by the Governing Body to adopt proposed classification bands for 25m Precision Gallery Rifle Smallbore.

X Class 280-300
A Class 265-279
B Class 0-264

GRSB Leaderboards

The leaderboards and NSS have already been updated to reflect these changes.

With National Competition resuming, and as scores start to be submitted from sanctioned events we will see people move between these classes.

You can review all of the GRSB Leaderboards, where you can see your current classification and ranking, at the following links

GRSB National Champions

We have not held a National Championship finals since November of 2019 – hopefully 2021 will see a resumption of the finals which are currently penciled in for October.

To see who the current GRSB National Champions are, have a re-read of the announcement form way back in 2019.

Current National Champions

GRSB National Teams

We have not fielded a GRSB National team since the World Cup in South Africa in 2019
Next outing is currently Germany in November 2021 with a World Cup in Britain in May of 2022.

To see what the current standings for Team qualification are, keep an eye on the Leaderboard:

GRSB National Team

To see how people already capped for Ireland in GRSB, have performed over the years, be sure to have a look over the


Questions, comments or feedback, as always, welcome.

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