The German Open is over again for another year and the NASRPC would like to congratulate all who traveled from this fair isle to take part on their individual performances and especially the Centrefire and Smallbore teams. We would also like to thank our gracious hosts in Germany especially Dietmar and Anna, hospitality at an incredibly high standard as can be seen in the report below by one of our travelling competitors. Of course the Official results are now available just click the link below

German Open 2016 results

Report from Lietmar

The annual German Open Action weekend, held in Leitmar Germany from Nov 11-13 and hosted by the BDMP, closed out the 2016 Competition calendar for NASRPC.

As always, the Irish took on some epic journeys to get there,with trains, planes, automobiles, boats and no doubt the odd donkey involved.

Everyone made it safely there and settled in for a long weekend of competition and craic.

The event is an all Gallery Rifle event,with centrefire lever action (GRCF), semi auto 22lr (GRSB) and, of course, M1 Carbine (GRM1).

With a facility for club guns, everyone has an opportunity to compete in everything, including the M1.

Friday saw all four ranges busy all day, first shots at 9, with an influx of late arrivals from Ireland and Scotland in the afternoon

The interim results were posted around five,  everyone packed their gear away and had a bite to eat or a small refreshing beverage in the clubhouse.

Saturday saw everyone, bright eyed and bushy tailed, on the range for 8:30. A very busy range ran well ahead of schedule all day.

We should point out that the range officers and stats office, the people who keep everything running, do a fantastic job, not just in running their ranges,  but in helping to ensure everyone enjoys themselves, are kept full of jellies and salami and indeed offering relationship advice between details. There were even geography lessons on Germany, taught through beer brands of course, on the Saturday night.

If you have never been to the German Open, you can be assured that these guys not only are extremely professional at running a range, but know how to have ‘the craic’.

Saturday afternoon saw the first of the IGRF events, with some last minute equipment hiccups, the Irish, GB and German teams took to the line.

The highlight was Team GB (and Fromes) Chris West, shooting a 1486 in the international match, after shooting a 1492 in his individual match.

Best of the Irish was Mike Nestor with a 1465 in the International after a 1476 in his individual match..

In the end the Smallbore event went to Team GB, with Germany taking Silver and Ireland taking the Bronze. Team GB were well ahead on a score of 5903, with Germany on 5835 and Ireland only a mere 3 points behind on 5832.

Saturday saw Dietmar and Anna hosting everyone in their house for a great dinner (and desserts) aswell as a selection of local refreshments, the blueberry wine being a highlight. Following that everyone retired to a local pub where some songs were sung, some craic was had and a good night ensued.

Sunday saw the final day of competition, with first shots again at 9.

The second IGRF event was on the Sunday. Scores were pretty well matched among the teams.

Best of the Irish was Munster Target Shooting Clubs Mike Nestor on 1488 (even after realising during sighters that his scope was off and aiming off for the whole match), followed very closely by An Riochts Pat Grimes on 1487.

When the final tally was done the places were the same as the smallbore, with GB taking Gold with a score of 5933, Germany taking Silver with a score of 5920 and Ireland taking Bronze only 2 points behind on 5918. As you can see the margins in Centrefire were, as always, very tight, with only 15 out of 6000-between the three teams.

Later in the afternoon the BDMP presented the awards with David, Stephen and Dietmar handing out plaques, medals and coins to the various winners.

The irish did well, with many individual, team and International team awards received.

A highlight for the Irish was Harbour Houses Len Regan, who in his first years competitive shooting and first German Open managed some of all three, in the process beating his GRSB 1500 PB by an amazing 20 points and getting capped for his country. What a year!!!

Harbour Houses Toby O’Brien presented Dietmar and the range with a painting lovingly made to commemorate the support his members have received over the years.

Some people had already left to catch flights and yet more stayed one more night and hit the road in the morning.

Everyone arrived safely home with yet more great memories, some with a bit more jingle for the mantelpiece and already planning a return next year.