This year at the Phoenix meeting in Bisley will see the inaugural competition of the International Target Shotgun Federation (ITSF).

Ireland will be entering teams in both the Semi and Manual classes with both teams taking part in each of the following:

  • Embassy Cup
  • Timed & Precision 1
  • Multi Target
  • 100m and
  • 200m

Target shotgun events.

The teams are:

Target Shotgun Manual
Ian McGill ( An Riocht)
Jeff Kehoe (IPAPC)
Mike Nestor (MTSC)
Dean Parker (MTSC)
Daniel O’Flaherty (Lough Bo)

Target Shotgun Semi
Tony Quane (MTSC)
Mike Nestor (MTSC)
Dean Parker (MTSC)
Gerry McCarthy (MTSC)
Daniel O’Flaherty (Lough Bo)

Following the events at the Phoenix meeting – the next ITSF events will be hosted by Ireland during the NASRPC Irish Open being held in MNSCI in July.

If you have any questions as to how you could become eligible for the teams, please contact

We wish everyone on the teams the very best of luck during the events and indeed everyone else competing in the Phoenix meeting, including our other Irish Teams competing in the IGRF Gallery Rifle Events.

Dean Parker
National Discipline Co-ordinator
Target Shotgun

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs
Target Shotgun