The NASRPC Events Calendar is published as a Google Calendar.

There is a a link to it on the homepage of

However, in recent days we have had a number of people contact us to ask when the 2018 Calendar will be published. So not everyone seems to know this, or have access to it.

In fact, the 2018 Calendar was first published back in September, following the Lough Bo National – with the NASRPC being asked for any further input in November.

Currently it includes all NASRPC events – and all IGRF events – including the next World Cup to be held in South Africa – up to the end of 2019.

We have created a summary view of the Calendar to allow people to print it out, hang on the fridge, hang on the noticeboard in clubhouses,  etc.

NASRPC Events Google Calendar
NASRPC Events One page View

Changes and additions may, of course, occur throughout the season – we will always send out a match invite 2 weeks in advance of any competitions.

Hopefully this will ensure everyone has all the information they need on what events are coming up

The First event of 2018 will be Competition RO Upskill Training in BRC this coming weekend and the first National competition of the year will be Gorey on February 3rd.

If you have any questions, please drop a line to

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs