Dear shooters, I note that the GRPAI have recently emailed clubs and individual members concerning their claim to be the NGB for Gallery Rifle and Pistol in Ireland. On behalf of the NASRPC committee, I wanted to let you know that the NASRPC is the recognized NGB in Ireland.  If you check the IGRF website: you will see this clearly stated.  In addition you can click on the link on their website to the IGRF charter, which clearly states the same.  As discussed at a meeting with the clubs in Abbeyleix on March 16, the NASRPC committee on behalf of the clubs will sit down and discuss the issues with the GRPAI, once they have renounced claim to NGB status. I look forward to seeing many of you at Harbour House next Saturday, April 2 for the next round of the NASRPC Nationals.

Please feel free to circulate this email among your club members.

Harbour House Sports Club has graciously acceded to our request to hold the NASRPC International at their facility in July. Many thanks to Tommy, Toby, Dee and the HH committee

Please see attached latest draft of proposed changes to the EU Firearms directive. It’s 58 pages!  The good news is that the original proposals have been watered down considerably.  A lot of the work has to do with making sure deactivated firearms cannot be reactivated.  Also “stuff” about flare guns etc.  If that is of interest, get stuck in. The threat to semi-auto long firearms, which resemble assault rifles being moved to Category A and thus effectively banned is dead.  You might like to read Page 43 detailing issues with the EU Firearms Pass.  The summery at the end starting on page 56 is well worth reading.

EP Draft report

All the best,