Hello all,

Just wanted to introduce the incoming NASRPC committee, but before that a very sincere thanks to the outgoing committee for all their service and support over the years.

The committee members are:

Karl O’Brien (Hilltop), Vice Chair.
Nicholas Flood (East Coast), Hon. Secretary.
Mike Nestor (Harbour House) Treasurer.
Mick McGrath (An Riocht), Asst. Secretary.
James Connolly (Lough Bo), PRO.
Jeff McCann (MTSC), National Competition Director.
Declan Keogh (Harbour House), National Training and Development Officer,
Noel Thompson ( Harbour House), Child Protection officer.

We hope to be of useful service to you the individual members and the clubs. We look forward to seeing you on the firing line.

Gerry McCarthy (MTSC) Chairman.