We are looking for people to come forward and volunteer as Range Officers at upcoming National Events.

With these events being so popular these days – they are generally booked out – it is imperative that we know, in advance, we have the Range Officer cover, to fulfill the schedule.

It is also important for Range Officers to gain experience at National events so we can grow the numbers of Range Officers available for everything from Club events, National Events, the Irish Open and all the way to the IGRF World Cup.


To date, we generally issue the match notice for National Events two weeks prior.

We then open Pre-registration one week early and close it again the day before the event, to facilitate printing of scoresheets etc..

From now on we will open pre-registration, for Range Officers, two weeks prior to the event.

This will allow people to schedule when they will volunteer as Range Officers and when they will shoot.


For a one day event, what we will ask people to do, is to volunteer to RO for half the day, and shoot the other half. Those who volunteer, on this basis, will not have to pay any entry fees for the competition.

For a two day, or longer, event, what we will ask people to do is to volunteer to RO for either a half or full day, and shoot the remainder. Those who volunteer, on this basis, will:
If they RO a half day – only pay 50% of their entry fees and
If they RO a full day – will not pay any entry fees.

Obviously, we only have a certain requirement for Range Officers at each event, so should we be over subscribed, volunteers will be chosen on a first come first served basis.

It goes without saying that this may not suit everyone – if you would like to volunteer – but the options do not suit you – simply drop us a line letting us know what facility you have to volunteer and we will see what the options are. There are plenty of roles need to be fulfilled at an Event besides Range Officers.

People may be unsure whether they can help – the answer is almost always YES – but if you are unsure or have any questions drop us a line to

All offers to help are greatly appreciated.

Pre-registration, for those not volunteering, will open as usual, one week prior to the event.

The next event is Eagles on March 11th – we believe we already have sufficient RO cover – but, should you wish to help, please let us know.

Following that is Munster Target Shooting Club on April 1st. This has grown into a very popular and hence, extremely busy, event.

Following that is Bracken Projectile Club on April 29th and 30th. This is our first two-day National @ Bracken and we hope will be a very popular event.

We need your help with all of these events and those after. 

If you have any questions about a particular event – or about volunteering at National events – drop a line to

We look forward to seeing you on the range.

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs