With the 2017 National Championship Finals being on the Bracken ranges – Oct 14/15 – anyone vying for championship glory needs to also be getting their paperwork in order now, ensuring they have their European Firearms Pass and PSNI Visitor Permit – should they make the finals.

We still have two heats left – with Donegal this coming weekend – and Lough Bo on Sept 23/24.
So it is all still to play for.

But it will be too late to get your permit after the Lough Bo match so get your paperwork in now.

Current standings can be seen on the National Leaderboards

Of course your permit will be good for a year – so even if you don’t make the finals it will be valid for next years Bracken and Donegal NASRPC events – and any other events you wish to attend in Northern Ireland.

For more information, drop a line to competitions@nasrpc.ie


As you know, NASRPC run a number of events on the ranges in Bracken, Co. Tyrone each year.

Bracken have added another range to their facility so can cater for more simultaneous events and far more competitors, so we can highly recommend that people make the trip to compete there.

This year, the Bracken match is a two day event at the end of April.

This should facilitate people, who may have a long trip to Tyrone, staying over and breaking up the journey. There are many accommodation options in the area.

The Donegal match, a one day event, will also be held in Bracken at the start of September.

As the Range is in Northern Ireland, you need a PSNI Visitor permit to bring your firearms with you. There is, of course, also the facility to use club firearms..

To achieve your PSNI visitor permit, it must be applied for, on your behalf, by a sponsor in Northern Ireland. Bracken will act as that sponsor. The process can take between 2 and 4 weeks.

If you need any further information on applying for your PSNI Visitor Permit, or on the Bracken or Donegal matches, be sure to contact us.

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