As we informed you recently, NASRPC has been developing a new set of rules around competitor ranking.

There has been much confusion and interpretation of the existing rules so it was felt clarity was required to prevent problems in the future.


Competitor ranking is very important as it decides who are the finalists in National Championship, who are selected for National Teams, if appropriate and, of course, bragging rights.

While the focus may often be on the top 10 competitors in the table, we must also think of the competitors who are steadily climbing the leaderboards from, say 20th place, putting in a personal best by maybe only a point or two each time, and seeing their star rise. Their achievements are no less important.

There can often be a lot of focus on Gallery Rifle, particularly 1500, as NASRPC field National teams in these disciplines – but the rules apply to all of our sports, equally.


We published these new rules recently, stated that they will come into force on July 11th and sought input on them.

We have received some feedback, much of it constructive, and have therefore convened a review panel, as outlined in the rules, to review this feedback.

The panel is due to report back to the NASRPC in one months time, August 1st, with its recommendations.

We will keep you informed of progress.