As you will know the first Sporting Rifle match of the year will take place at Eagle Rifle & Pistol Club on Saturday the 11th of March.

Some of you may also be aware that the rules for Sporting Rifle are quite old; they have not changed since first drafted by the N.A.S.R.C.  back in 1992.

That tells you it was a very good document as it did not require correction since then.

There is nothing wrong with it – but we have received a number of requests from competitors about entering Sporting Rifle with – well – non sporting rifles.
With that in mind we set up a review panel to see about facilitating those requests.

That review group has now completed its review and the revised rules are now published on our website and can be viewed on the NASRPC Website.
We may adjust these further, as we gain experience with them, over the coming year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the review group for their work as it is very much appreciated.

On the advice of the review group, we are also going to trial a new competition that may be shot alongside Sporting rifle; Field Sporting Rifle

All of the rules for Sporting rifle will apply with the exception that front (bipod, sandbag stc.) and rear rest are permitted.

The match will use the same timings and target, and can be shot on a shared line with Sporting Rifle – so should fit in nicely with a minimum of disruption.

We hope that this will encourage more competitors to take part, as it will be very suitable for all those bunny shooters out there – who have been asking us to facilitate them – for some time.

Obviously, you may still enter this additional discipline, shooting from a sling, so it also offers another competitive opportunity to the, dyed in the wool, Sporting Rifle shooter.

The first competitive offering of this discipline – Field Sporting Rifle –  will take place in the upcoming event at Eagles on Saturday the 11th of March and we look forward to seeing you all there

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs