Substitutions of short restricted firearms:

During the early part of 2017 we sought and received positive legal opinion on the possibility of the lawful substitution of short non restricted firearms. We put together a submission that was presented to the FCP at the meeting in the DOJ on the 20th April 2017.

The position taken by Department of Justice is at total variance with legal advices received by the NASRPC.

We are of the view that he way forward on this issue is to have it tested in the high court, now being the only avenue left open to us, as clearly the door on a negotiated solution has been closed firmly in our face. However as is with all cases in the high court decisions may not fall in our favour so the financial risk is great.

Our future direction on this issue will be discussed with our affiliated clubs as soon as possible and a course of action will be agreed.

Kind Regards

Declan Keogh

National Development and Training Officer

National Association of Sporting Rifle & Pistol Clubs

FCP Meeting April 2017 Substitutions.

FCP Response 16th August Substitution of Short Firearms