To all Gallery rifle shooters the NASRPC has organised with the help of Harbour House our team Captains Gavin and Dan our NDC Pat and our NDO Declan a training day for all experienced Gallery rifle shooters. The format for the day will be 60 shot matches followed by a full 1500 weather and time permitting. Our aim is to establish a formidable leader board that can hold its own with any IGRF member country. There is a wealth of shooting experience within our organisation that we need to identify and put to work. The NASRPC has received and gratefully accepted an offer from Nicholas Flood to help with our training day and future training days. Nicholas has a wealth of shooting experience and has competed and won at the highest levels of shooting, so who better to lend a helping hand. The NASRPC aim to coordinate at least one training day a month over the shooting calendar. Of course we will also coordinate introduction days for new comers after all new comers are the future of our sport so keep an eye on our web site for that information. We hope to see you on the line soon.


Venue. Harbour House

Time. 12pm

Day. Saturday 14th January


Yours in sport

Pat Grimes


Gallery Rifle