USPC, Universal Silhouette Postal Championship 2017

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Welcome to the 2nd year for the Postal Silhouette Championship.
Few changes this year in relation the running of it and the rules.
Thank you to those whom entered and competed in the First ever European Silhouette Postal Competition, First difference is the title change. As you can see it is now the Universal Championship. In other words it is now open to the whole world of Silhouette shooting.
Secondly the Entries have increased dramatically from 24 in 2016 to 50 entries in 2017.
Entry was free in 2016 as it was a start up league and we needed to see how it ran.
In 2017 the entry fee is a mere €10 per person.
The fee of only, €10 covers you for entry to the Championship which runs throughout the whole of 2017.
Contact the administration for payment detailsThe bonus is that you can shoot from the comfort of your own club or venue and thus cutting the cost to travel whilst still competing against the finest in the World.
This is not to take away from the atmosphere of travelling to compete abroad but to further enhance our beloved discipline.
So if u want to try it email me your interest and i shall put you into the tournament.
Closing date for entries is the 10th of February 2017 (no exceptions).
Hope to hear from you all v soon.


Start: 1/3/2017
End: 30/11/2017


Your own Club venue
National or local level.
International or Championship level.


Entry fee for 2017 is €10 per competitor.
No payment by closing date for entries (10th Feb 2017), means no entry into competition. No exceptions.
Competitions shall consist of
40 shots SBR ( small bore rifle or small bore light)
40 shots SBHR (small bore hunter)
All are shot with .22 rifle only.Your own club rules , timing etc apply when shooting the competition.
Competition must be a club or national competition or a championship.
Practice shoots not counted
One Competition (40 sbr and 40 sbhr) must be shot each month commencing 1/3/2017.A win gets 2 points
A draw gets 1 point
A loss gets 0 points.Results must be witnessed by three members / competitors (inclusive of yourself) ,
Failure to do so shall result in a no score .
Results must be photographed and emailed to the appointed contact by the month end or before the next competition. email to
Results and standings shall be posted as soon as all are recieved.In the event of any dispute ,tie breaker-(final stages ), then IMSSU rules shall come into force.
Scores / results shall be on a combined status ( 40 sbr + 40 sbhr = ??/80)
There shall be no classifications, therefore best combined score /80 wins.